Two days ago, the legendary and colorful guitarist Noodle released a mixtape of some of her fav ladies. It’s a great mix with some legends like Grimes and Laurie Anderson – but a completely new song slapped me right across the face.
“Slow Ds” is a 3-minute banger by Lully, a French artist with literally one other song. She’s taking the hype-through-shrouded-anonymity route, and of course it’s possible that she’s Taylor Swift or an equally annoying famous person on a stunt. I just know that “Slow Ds” and “San Chapeau” are two of the most exciting songs I’ve heard of late. I love everything about them: the springy bass; the modulating vocals, which are as sexy as a robot can sound; the spaciousness. The goddamn sugar-coated hooks. And then there’s what seems to be her signature flourish: a low-registered “ha,” rumbling in at just the right moments, providing a sense of humor and bite. I can’t wait for the next Soundcloud drop.

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