i went to an electronic show last night with a friend and she started mocking all the bros in the crowd. she saw them timidly nodding their heads, grunting small talk in each others ears amidst the sputtering hi hats, bored out of their minds until they could safely leave and instagram the result and monologue to their next tinder prey.

i didn’t see that. i saw a bunch of guys carousing, or on dates, taking the plunge on a bitter tuesday night to be share an experience with friends in an electric room, bobbing up and down gleefully because sorry no one at the synagogue or the chuck e cheese taught them to tango or merengue, unironically captivated by a mesmerizing lightshow.

we’ll never know for sure. what about you? when you go to shows do you get an existential dread over standing in a room uncomfortably close to strangers and not knowing where to look? or are you swept away by a shared energy and a bass that springs out of your chest with more force than your heartbeat ever could?

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