I realized that this is the most important piece of art in my life. I mean, look at this fucking squad! I love all the goths and the circle scarves and the color scheme and the booty popping and the one lady who has insanely jacked quads in a room full of pipe cleaner legs. it’s saved so many of my 2 a.m. subway trips in its joy and absurdity.

But yesterday after staring at it for a full half hour, for the 300th straight day, I realized I had missed a crucial detail:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.55.24 AM

Sis has four legs!!!! What I assumed was a slightly abnormal but definitely regular human-and-bird party now has a sci-fi element. why are the rest of the homies so nonchalant about this? is she an alien and this is a welcoming ceremony? is it a post-surgery celebration? or maybe it’s just a vincent adultman situation? also, does having four legs make her a better or worse dancer? i need answers. Anyway, here’s the playlist

Apple music here

Spotify here and below

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