My band Lanier is playing a soul show on Feb. 2, with a seemingly limitless roster of amazing singers to belt Aretha, Etta, Stevie, and Otis. As I was preparing this playlist in conjunction I realized that my whole musical base stems directly from the Motown that my parents would play on loop when I was a baby. And Motown was the first music that I sought out and discovered, song by song, in middle school; I listened to “Tears of a Clown” literally hundreds of times and almost pulled the trigger on realizing a fantasy of re-staging the Temptation’s “Ball of Confusion” for the Lab talent show. (Thank god I didn’t follow through on that.) The reason that Kanye made any sense to me at all in 2005 is because his ethos, too, was filtered through soul. So if I like any song in 2018, whether it’s Col3trane or Jesse Marchant or Makaya McCraven, it’s because it probably draws some inkling of inspiration or heritage from Berry Gordy’s record machine. Bless them all.

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