I’ve been eating a ton of Girl Scout cookies all month. They just appear at home and work and every nook and cranny I stumble upon and I have no complaints whatsoever. But something disconcerting occurred, which is that I started enjoying Samoas more than Thin Mints. Is this possible? Am I just being contrarian? My ranking right now is:

  1. Samoas. The texture on these is unbelievable.
  2.  Thin Mints. The classic. Perfectly balanced flavor.
  3. Do-si-Dos. Just a better version of nutter butters.
  4. Tagalongs. Just a worse version of Mallomars.
  5. Trefoils. perfectly respectable.
  6. Smores. NAHH

Please sound off in the comments. Also, here’s the playlist.



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