Six months ago, Drake was left for dead.

Pusha T’s dis track “The Story of Adidon,” released May 29, took a scalpel to Drake’s public persona and cleaved fully through, portraying a hypocritical man haunted by racial insecurities, a secret love child and a chilling familial history. The song transformed the debate over Drake from a musical into a moral one, threatening to obliterate a self-actualization narrative that Drake had been building for more than a decade.

But while “The Story of Adidon” could have been the asteroid that pushed Drake’s career into a nosedive, he turned it into a footnote. This year, Drake has racked up three Billboard No. 1 hits and a platinum album, “Scorpion,” starred in unforgettable music videos, dropped pristine guest verses and ignited viral dance crazes.

The artist’s banner year has been cemented this fall by “Mia,” Drake’s Spanish-language collaboration with Bad Bunny that cruised into the Billboard Hot 100’s top five this week. The song shows him to be a chameleon with Godzilla proportions — a man who mimics, absorbs and then shifts the pop paradigm in one fell swoop. And if you still cling to the perception that Drake is nothing more than a toothless cornball, you need to pay more attention. “Mia” is the cherry on top of one of the greatest individual years in pop music of all time.

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