Hi devoted reader(s)! I’d like to use this space for some shameless self-promotion. This year I wrote a couple sloppy articles, many Totally Fine ones, and a few I was really proud of. These are those. My favorite songs of the year are below.

March 30: An interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates and the rest of the creative team bringing “Between the World and Me” to the Apollo stage

May 22: An essay about how blacks and Asians too often use hip-hop to reduce each other into stereotypes

July 11: An obituary of Bette Nesmith Graham, who invented liquid paper

Aug. 10: An adventure to see “Eighth Grade,” the movie of the year, with a bunch of eighth graders

Aug; 23: A retrospective on the beloved avant-garde playwright Maria Irene Fornes

Sept. 8: A Mac Miller appraisal

Sept 9: A feature on the history and impact of “The Joy Luck Club,” 25 years later

Sept. 19: A news story about two victims of Hurricane Florence

Oct. 11: An interview with John Cale of the Velvet Underground

Oct. 17: A superfan conversation with Jon Caramanica and Amanda Hess about Netflix’s “Terrace House”

Nov. 4: A essay scrutinizing Drake’s monster year

Nov. 14: A reported piece on how a Bollywood music label became the biggest channel on YouTube

Dec. 8: A feature on a Cornell student living meal to meal

Dec. 16: The Top 11 Albums of 2018

Dec. 26: A history of the advancement of prosthetics in film

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