We’ve been having issues with gatekeepers lately. We were booted from MoMA PS1’s Warm Up, given side-eye at Le Poisson Rouge, had all our shit confiscated at Governors Ball. We stood outside Snoop Dogg’s “Bush” release party at a Chelsea club as the bouncers stared at us impassively, us and them both knowing that we never stood a chance.

We’re also fed up with the gatekeepers online. Gatekeepers that control narrative and hop onto crazes only because the next one up did already. Duplicitous media outlets where money intertwines with social politics, where the most sincere of art becomes merely a content filler for monetized adspace pixels, where love flattens into likes.

We feed off these gatekeepers, obviously. They’ve been supplying us with content, egging us on, always half-heartedly inviting us into the next wave. But time after time we either get turned away or walk in to find that the hype has fallen flat. Alessia Cara may be an anxious anti-social pessimist, but with the help of big money and the hit record it provided, she becomes just the latest entertainer at the center of a party with a decades-long waitlist. We’re sick of that hype party. We want to throw our own.

Welcome to No Hype, where we give into our deepest rooted impulses. That means writing about the musicians we care about the most, showcasing the film and photography that we can’t help but share, making the shit that we want, even (and perhaps, especially) if it makes no sense.

We don’t know quite what No Hype will be, except that it will be ours. Join us.

– Andrew Chow and Jeremy Judelson

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